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Treatment Topics

Last update: 09/13/2016

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Agents that target disease pathways


Maintenance Rituxan 

Agents that target disease pathways

Antibodies (monoclonal) such as Rituxan

Antibiotic therapies for some types of lymphoma

Balancing therapy-related risks  and benefits

Best practice - NCCN guidelines

Biologics  Interferon, Neupogen, Leukine ...

     Tips on subcutaneous injections


Bone marrow (stem cell) transplants  TIPS

AllogeneicMini / Autologous / Cord blood 
Auto versus Allo SCT  | 
Donor Lymphocyte Infusions (DLI)
HLA-typing and Background
Harvesting / Mobilizing stem cells 
Graft vs Host Disease | Patient stories  Resources   

Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells (CAR T-cells)


Alphabetical index of agents
Agents grouped by mechanism  
CHOP chemotherapy  
Common chemo protocols (APO...VBM)  
Comments on chemo - importance in lymphoma
Liposomal (encapsulated) types 
Low dose (metronomic) chemotherapy PEP-C Outcome abstracts - Frontline Treatment support for chemotherapy

Clinical Trials

Focus on Clinical Trials
Find by Type of Lymphoma & Treatment Status

What's New - Trials of Interest
By Type of Agent
New Trials

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Elderly patients - treatment protocols and resources

Evaluating medical claims recognizing bias; limits of abstracts, what makes information credible.

Graft vs Host Disease

Informed consent

Immune-based therapies

Programming T-cells

Immune Checkpoint Blockade

MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome)


Ofatumumab for CLL  /  follicular lymphoma

Off-label use of treatments for lymphoma


Pipeline new agents with links to clinical trials

Pregnancy During Lymphoma Treatment

Progress Review Group  (PRG) research objectives

Quality of life (patient reported outcomes)


You can help to a PAL

PAL: Providing support and evidence-based information, independent of health industry funding


Zevalin  ... and centers 

2016, June: Rationale for continued study of Radioimmunotherapy

RIT for bulky disease?

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)?


Side effects | Treatment support for  

Refractory lymphomas  
protocols for lymphomas resistant to standard therapies

Protocols | Clinical Trials

Remissions & Response background & terms

Also Spontaneous regressions

Risks and benefits - balancing | Treatment-related Risks

Rituxan - Basics ... Side effects ...
               Check list what to expect, bring, do.

     Abstracts | Maintenance news and views 

Side effects common to treatments


Stem cell Transplant

Surgery for Lymphoma? (a common question)

T-cell therapies for lymphoma

CARs - Engineered T-cells Find trials

Treatments & Decisions

Goals | Types | Outcomes | Interventions  

  Standard Off-label ... etc. 

(Standard of Care):

NCCN.org  PDF (login req.)
NCI  Cancer.gov

Treatment decisions - factors that can influence treatment goal, type, and timing and
Considerations at relapse

Experts on treatment

Treatment outcome abstracts

Treatment Support 

Treatment Timing?

Time to Progression comparing protocols for first line treatment of indolent NHL | Frontline

Treatment settings frontline, relapse, survival

Watchful Waiting

Transformation background and treatment

Vaccines  investigational patient-specific therapeutic vaccines

Categorized abstracts | Outcome Data

What's a Drug?

Also see:  Categorized Resources | WebCasts | Experts on Treatment of Lymphomas | Treatment Support

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