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Art on Lymphomation

Last update: 06/04/2014


Visual Arts

We are seeking images of your art - paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, your photos or poems.

Where will we post it?

To the Poetry or Visual Arts page and sometimes also on a topic page when the subject seems to fit.

How to submit it?

Send an with an image file attached
(such as JPG format)

OR  Send a link (website address) to the image that already exists on the Internet, again by

Subject matter?

Any subject matter is fine, but subjects relating to the lymphoma experience (symbolically or otherwise) would be ideal. 

We reserve the right to exclude submitted work that could be judged offensive.


Send image file: attached as an image file (jpg, etc) or provide link by

1) Title (untitled if not specified) 
2) Author's initials (we will no longer include author names)

We have changed our policy here because privacy wishes may change over time.

3) Is it okay for visitors to contact you by email?
    (If you do not specify, we will default to No)

Optional details: Size and media

Privacy Policy (10/2011)

By default we provide only the initials of the artists who submit work in order to protect your privacy. 

If your image or poem includes identifiable information (such as a self-portrait) we ask that you provide a signed note giving Patients Against Lymphoma permission to post your visual art on our website.  We require authorization also if you wish your full name to be included with your work - but only if the art or title communicates your health status.

We have adopted this policy because it may be against HIPPA law for our organization to disclose medical information about individuals without written permission.

Please note that we do not recommend posting identifiable information related to your medical condition because your privacy concerns can change over time. For example, next year you may discover that published information about your diagnosis will make it more challenging to find employment.

(You can fax the authorization to disclose your name to 801-409-5736)

Sale of art?

You cannot sell your art directly through us, but viewers can contact you to inquire about a sale if you indicate it's okay to contact you by email.

You might consider designating PAL as the recipient of some percentage of the art you sell in this way, or art that you sell on eBay using the Missionfish program, as we are a participating organization.  We definitely need the financial support!

Copyright is an automatic right. Please seek permission of the artists before using their work in any way.
It is not possible for PAL to verify authorship of any submitted art.  We ask that you
alert us to such potential misuse so that we can remove it.
Disclaimer:  The information on is not intended to be a substitute for 
professional medical advice or to replace your relationship with a physician.
For all medical concerns, you should always consult your doctor. 
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