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The state centers and investigators within each are based on lists provided by volunteers reviewing the registry.  The investigators listed within each center may not be current.

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Children's Oncology Group 

COG) 800- 458-6223 (Toll Free, U.S. and Canada)
COG Centers by state:

CLL - Centers and Oncologists that Specialize in CLL

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The Research Consortium  Sites by Region

Centers Advancing Translational Clinical Research! 

Centers Advancing Translational Research  
based on standardized capture and advanced analysis of biospecimens
Where patients may contribute extra tissue to assist in 
translational research when a biopsy is indicated.
Lymphoma - Specialized Program of Research Excellence (SPORE)
Alliance cooperative group
CHTN centers
NCI Designated Centers
SWOG cooperative group
LLPM Centers
Centers for Second Evaluation of Pathology 

Community-Based Practices Participating in Clinical Trials

The Clinical Trials Participation Awards (CTPAs) were designed to recognize and promote high-quality clinical research sites with the intention of increasing physician awareness of and participation in clinical trials. 

These awards are presented to community-based practices participating in clinical trials, which are vital to ensuring the continued advancement of cancer therapies.

The 2009 CTP As were presented to the following practices at the 2009 ASCO Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida:
HI: University of Hawaii Cancer Research Center of Hawaii Minority-Based 
Community Clinical Oncology Program, Honolulu, HI
IA: Iowa Oncology Research Association Community Clinical Oncology Program, 
Des Moines, IA 
NY: Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada, Las Vegas, NY 
TX: Doctors Hospital of Laredo, Laredo, TX 
MI: Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI 
NE: Nebraska Cancer Specialists, Omaha, NE 
WA: Wilshire Oncology Medical Group, La Verne, CA 
North Star Lodge Cancer Center, Yakima, WA
See also:
NCI Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) - Site Locations

NIH - Free Clinical Research 

The Mark O. Hatfield Clinical Research Center
Dedicated to clinical research - Bethesda MD (Wash. DC area)

An NIH Cancer Research Center: 

Contact the Patient Recruitment and Public Liaison Office at: 
1-800-411-1222, TTY 1-866-411-1010

Every patients is on a research protocol. 
Every citizen and permanent resident is eligible.
Patients from other countries are also welcome.

No one is ever denied.
Travel is paid when needed, as is lodging.
Includes a Children's Inn.

Specializing in rare diseases, and other serious conditions, such as cancers. 
Lymphoma and CLL trials sponsored by NIH

Imaging Specialty

Diagnostic Imaging Centers - ACR accredited  


Bexxar centers:
Centers that Administer Bexxar by State
Zevalin centers: 
  Centers that Administer Zevalin by State

Radiotherapy Centers 


Stem Cell Transplant Centers:   

Here you will be able to locate transplant centers by Name, Staff Member, State, 
Diseases Treated and Transplant Types

Stem Cell Transplant Centers (with details about experience)  BMTinfoNet

Centers Involved in Cooperative T-cell lymphoma research:   

Here you will be able to locate transplant centers by Name, Staff Member, State, 
Diseases Treated and Transplant Types

T-cell lymphoma research centers PAL



Hospital Compare
A quality tool provided by Medicare


Click "Find and Compare Hospitals"


Select "Find a hospital within a certain distance of a ZIP Code"


Enter Zip code and distance.


Check at least two hospitals in region.


Click Compare button. 

While not lymphoma-specific the patient survey results provide a quick-and-easy basis for comparing the quality of services at the hospitals you selected.

Waldenström’s Macroglobulinemia

Clinical Trials Group (WMCTG)
   Dana Farber Cancer Inst, MA
   UCLA Medical Ctr., CA
   Stanford University, CA
   Beth Israel Hospital, MA
   Roswell Park Memorial, NY
   St. Vincent's Hospital, NY
   LI Jewish Memorial, NY
   University of Maryland, MD
   University of Miami, FL
   Cleveland Clinic Foundation, OH
   Northwestern University, IL
   Rush Presbyterian, IL
   Rocky Mountain Cancer Ctr., CO
   Arizona Cancer Ctr., AZ
   McMaster University, Canada
   Cross Cancer Ctr., Canada
   St Bartholomew's, UK
   Karolinska Institut, Sweden
   Hopital Schaffner, France
   University of Salamanca, Spain
   Niguarda Hospital, Italy
   McCallum Cancer Ctr., Australia
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