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Last update: 04/04/2014


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7 Reasons to Consider Trials  

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See Phase III for Lymphoma OR CLL 
comparing and advancing the standard of care
Gene profiling- / biomarker-based trials for 
Follicular | CLL | DLBCL | HodgkinsMCL | T-cell | Unspecified
Search for trials using TrialCheck.org  
(easy to use - by Coalition of Cancer Cooperative Groups)

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See NCI-sponsored trials for Lymphoma  Cancer.gov 

See International Clinical Trial Search by WHO

Other Ways to Locate Trials (such as by grade) 

Expanded Access Trials

Includes filters for age, fatigue, first-line, grade,
phase, stage, and refractory

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Related Resources

About Trials
Expanded Access (Compassionate Use)
Other Trial Resources | PDQ | Travel Help | Informed Consent
NCI: Which Study Results Are the Most Helpful in Making Cancer Care Decisions?
Accelerated Approval (AA) for Oncology Drug Minutes of  Advisory Meeting:
 http://1.usa.gov/dVkY23  (406 pages.)
Please take our VERY short Trial of Interest Survey for untreated Follicular Lymphoma
For patients, caregivers, or oncologists!
NCI Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies  Cancer.gov | PDF
Oncologists Divided Over Experimental Treatments  Medscape (free login req.) 

The majority of respondents 61% said that patients should be discouraged from using  off-protocol treatments. A smaller number 31% said they should not be available at all.  More than half the oncologists surveyed said that patients considering trial enrollment should be informed if an investigational therapy is available; 34% disagreed. A total of 26% of respondents thought that patients considering enrollment have a right to off-protocol treatment; 56% said this is not the case.
Survey Reveals Blood Cancer Patients Not Being Directed to Clinical Trials Despite 
Their Importance in Developing New Therapies  prnewswire  

Kornhaber said the findings were troubling because clinical trials are such a crucial step in the
development of new treatments and are often the only remaining hope for patients. 

"For many cancer patients, clinical trials present an opportunity to take advantage of promising new treatments not yet available and may offer new hope for patients when the standard treatments are not effective," Kornhaber said. 

She added that most types of leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma are not curable, yet many promising therapies are being tested in clinical trials to assess if they will delay the progression of disease and/or reduce side effects compared to standard therapies. "
Results of a survey to help understand why cancer patients choose to enter or not to 
enter cancer clinical trials.  actmagazine 
Public Registration of Clinical Trials ~ Robert Steinbrook, M.D.  NEJM 2004
Would a clinical trial be appropriate for me? Questions for your doctor. 
A free printable brochure prepared by Patients Against Lymphoma  PDF 
How to Use and Conduct More Specific ClinicalTrials.gov Searches

Protocol registration system (for drug sponsors)  http://prsinfo.clinicaltrials.gov

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How to use ClinicalTrials.gov

  1. First, identify the type of study you are looking for below, and click the link. 

  2. Since these links are queries (computer talk for questions asked of a database) to the ClinicalTrials.gov database,  you can come back and check for updates by clicking the same links again to re-execute the queries.
    Need a more specific search?  Click here to request a personalized Clinical Trials search. 

  3. When the protocols are displayed, you can use the Search-within-Search button in the ClinicalTrials.gov site to focus on trials you are interested in using key words like: refractory, antibodies, vaccine, radiotherapy, etc. 

    You can also Search- within- Search for the city or state if travel is not an option.

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