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Patients Against Lymphoma


How to Help

Our plan is to discontinue the tax-exempt status of PAL beginning next year (2018).
We will remain non-profit, however and continue lymphomation.org (as is) independently: 
without funding from the healthcare industry.

You may still donate to PAL (options below),
and your contributions remains tax deductible until the end of the year.

Donation Options

 Please donate YOUR $1 today.
CLICK HERE to contribute your dollar

Independent of Health Industry Funding - DEPENDENT on your support!

Vehicle Donations | Other Ways to Support PAL | For Our Business Sponsors

  Donate online to PAL through PayPAL

tax deductible, easy ... any amount that you can afford!

PayPAL button fixed May 4 - our apologies for the inconvenience


By the Amazon Smile program
where .5% of the purchase price is donated to PAL if you choose us


Donate a used Vehicle, Car, Boat, RV ...


directly by Mail:
Patients Against Lymphoma
3774 Buckwampum Road
Riegelsville, PA 18077


Shop for Ebay items designated to support PAL!

Patients Against Lymphoma, LTD - eBay for Charity http://ebay.to/1lVxNtt

You can also designate PAL as the beneficiary of items you sell on Ebay
through the Mission Fish program.

Other ways to Support PAL

* By Estate planning

you can make a future gift to PAL while providing a benefit to your family. Also gifts of stock or cash may reduce your estate tax burden. 

*  You can designate PAL as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy

in which, at the time of your death, your estate would receive a charitable deduction when the proceeds of the policy are paid out to PAL.


Patients Against Lymphoma is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization | 
New York State registration # is 20-12-12 | Federal tax ID: 51-0426732
Your donation is tax deductible 

Dear friends 

Like a community garden, Lymphomation.org is always open and never marred by ads or registration prompts. We want nothing to come between you and the information you need.  And if what you require is not found, you need only ask and we will locate and plant it.  Thus, each question contributes to what we are and what we are becoming.

Importantly, since we are independent of health industry funding, our continuing existence depends on visitor support – your support!  

So please take a moment to mail a check in an amount you can afford. Your donation is tax-deductible, and as a direct donation, even small amounts count for much more.  

Patients Against Lymphoma is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization
| New York State registration # is 20-12-12 | Federal tax ID: 51-0426732

For Non-Healthcare-related Business Sponsors

To show our appreciation for our business sponsors, we list your company's information on the Commercial Sponsors page, which we post to our support forums monthly along with the following message:

We hope that you will consider being "friendly" to our commercial sponsors when a product or service they provide is needed - to show your appreciation for their support of our mission.

NOTE:  We must respectfully decline to accept donations from companies that provide medical or health products or services. This policy is to avoid even the appearance that a financial conflict of interest influences the content and commentary we provide.



Click Sponsor PAL then provide the business name, address, phone number, website address,
and a sentence or two about the product or services you provide.
(You may also provide a small logo.)

So we can post the information you provide on PAL's Commercial Sponsors page.


Use any of the methods described above to send a donation to Patients Against Lymphoma



Ask Question



Click to ask question.

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Your questions and needs determine the content of this web site.    

Receiving reputable and timely information is essential to optimal 
care and good decision making.  
We are committed to responding to patient and caregiver questions promptly. 

Please use the information we provide as a starting point for discussions with your doctors. We do not, and should not, give medical advice.  In this spirit, we will try to link you to published information from reputable sources so that you can more partner more effectively with your doctor.

* Note: If you do not hear from us in two days, please let us know by clicking hereOccasionally emails get lost, or may be accidentally deleted by SPAM cleaning utilities.

Sign our Guest Book

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Signing our guest book

will help to convince potential benefactors to provide financial support for the upkeep of this web site, and the development of new related projects. Your comments in guest book will provide essential evidence that we are serving you well. It's also a way for you to make suggestions.  

We pledge not to share the information you provide with others, and we will keep the data secure.  You may also use an alias to safeguard your privacy, if desired.  
See Our Privacy Policy for details

Provide or Help Edit our Content

Provide Content


Click to send content

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Please share new or suggest changes to content on Lymphomation.org

We will be sure to give due recognition for your efforts if privacy is not an issue.

When submitting suggested changes to existing content,
please copy the entire paragraph in your email.  If we agree it improves the readability and or accuracy of the information, we can then quickly copy it to replace the text.

Provide also the webpage address so we can quickly identify where it belongs.

Thank You!

Become an Advisor or Volunteer

Advisers and Volunteers

Click here to become an advisor or volunteer.

Expert Medical Advisors

A sincere thank you for your interest in advising PAL.

We operate very informally in this regard -- in order to minimize the burden to our valued advisors, but also to allow us to develop credible content and perspectives rapidly with email-based communications.

Stepwise, here’s how it goes:

1) We add your undisclosed email to our advisors recipient list.

2) You will receive an email from time to time – roughly four a month on topics that we judge to be in need of expert review, such as a perspective on a trial design or interpretation … or a major change or addition to content on lymphomation.org

3) There is no step 3.

Guidelines for advisors:

• You can opt out anytime.

• Responding is always optional.
(sounding now like the Seinfeld routine on dating friends : )

… Such as when you feel there’s an error in fact or disagree with a perspective.

• Your email is not disclosed or visible, even to other advisors

• Your comments are always confidential, unless we receive from you specific agreement to provide your name.  (Although we may copy your comments to patients, in this way:
Here is comment on this subject from an undisclosed professional advisor: ….

• You can decide now or later if you would like to become an official advisor.

If so, your name will be included on our letterhead and website.
If so, we ask that you provide a short bio and picture.

That’s it.

Again, sincere thanks for your interest!


Volunteers may:


Attend scientific conferences on our behalf.


Make fund raising suggestions.


Tell your story (anonymously) so that others may benefit from your experience; or in order to tell the story of living with lymphoma.


Write columns or fact sheets, or develop content in your areas of expertise or interest. 

Click here to become an advisor or volunteer.

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Donate Your Used Vehicle
running or not!

Donate Your Used Vehicle

You can also help by downloading, printing and distributing the PDF Flier -- it also informs about the burden of lymphoma and lists famous people diagnosed with the disease.
Brochure - pdf
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Donate Your Used Vehicles

Cars, Boats, Trucks, RV’s, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Vans, Jet-skis, 
Motor-homes, and even Buses.

Brochure - PDF

running or not … to

tients Against Lymphoma  

and get a tax deduction

Call Toll Free
1 877 CARS-4-US
OR click HERE  
(be sure to specify Patients Against Lymphoma)
Extension 1485
(Have title with you)


Since Patients Against Lymphoma is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, your gift is tax deductible. 

If your vehicle does not run, it still has salvage value. Towing is provided at no cost. 

To make a donation: 
 1) Have your title with you when you call.  
 2) Answer a few questions and fill in the odometer reading, 
 3) sign the title and schedule a pickup. 

The vehicle should be picked up within 48 hours.

Disclaimer:  The information on Lymphomation.org is not intended to be a substitute for 
professional medical advice or to replace your relationship with a physician.
For all medical concerns,  you should always consult your doctor. 
Patients Against Lymphoma, Copyright © 2004,  All Rights Reserved.