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Last update: 10/03/2013

Our Objectives: To identify the level of interest for this clinical trial, patient preferences for the study arms, 
and how randomized assignment influences the willingness of patients to participate. 

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Background information - read me first

Eligibility:  Follicular lymphoma grade 1-3a, stage II-IV - previously untreated, current need to treat

This study is recruiting patients.  It randomly assigns participants to:

- Lenalidomide with RITUXAN OR
- Rituxan-based chemotherapy
... each followed by Rituxan Maintenance for 2 years.  See details on ClinicalTrials.gov

=> Study Arm 1 detail:

Lenalidomide* + Rituxan  (See for some background on Lenalidomide)
followed by maintenance Rituxan*

* Oral Lenalidomide dose 20-mg on days 2-22 every 28 days x 6 cycles
  if Complete Response after 6 cycles:
     then 10-mg on days 2-22 every 28 days for 12 cycles.
  if Partial Response after 6 cycles:
     continue 20 mg for 3~6 cycles and then 10 mg on days 2-22 every 28-day cycles for up to 18 cycles

=> Control arm 2:  (Regular treatment - detail):

Rituxan combined with your choice of chemotherapy:  CHOP, or CVP, or Bendamustine (6 to 8 cycles),
followed by maintenance Rituxan*

* The maintenance Rituxan is the same for each arm. It is given every 8 weeks for 12 cycles

2-Question Patient / Oncologist Survey
capturing no identifying information

1:  Would you enroll in this study if you were eligible?
        you have untreated follicular lymphoma with a current need to treat
Enroll YES   
Undecided - would let my oncologist decide      (pick one)

Which study arm do you prefer ... if you could pick one:
I picked NO
Undecided which is best - I am comfortable with random assignment by a computer
Lenalidomide + Rituxan (experimental arm) with maintenance Rituxan
Rituxan with choice of chemotherapy (regular treatment arm) with maintenance Rituxan

Note:  To participate in this study your assignment will be chosen by chance.

Type a concise reason for your preference above (optional)

2:  How comfortable are you with a computer picking the treatment arm in THIS study by chance?

              Your comfort level with random assignment in this study
Not comfortable  1    2   3    4    5   6    7    8    9  10  Very comfortable   

Security question: Lymphoma is a kind of:  a) Blood cancer  b) infection  c) autoimmune disease  d) none of these

   a or b or c or d  (case sensitive)

Thank you for participating!

Disclaimer:  The information on Lymphomation.org is not intended to be a substitute for 
professional medical advice or to replace your relationship with a physician.
For all medical concerns,  you should always consult your doctor. 
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