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Evaluating Medical Claims and Information

Alternative Medicine?
Common Questions about Science and "Alternative" Health Methods
Deciding what to believe, a scientist's view
Readers' and Author's Responses to "Information on

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in US Government Databases Is Biased"  Medscape
PAL: Strategies for Finding and Evaluating  Medical Information  PDF   

Gilda's Club Delaware Valley, April 2006
Evaluating Medical Claims and Data  PAL
For Research Advocates
Research Advocacy by PAL
Cancer Information and Support Network (CISN) coursework for patient advocates  cisncancer.org  
Endpoints in Clinical Research
Levels of Evidence
Pub Med: Testing Treatments, 2nd edition Better Research for Better Healthcare
Undestanding Survival Curves

"Survival curves constructed from a limited sample size cannot cover the real range of possibility!"
FDA guidance documents
Subset analysis? 

This subgroup analysis suggested that the treatment was quite effective and statistically significant for all patients except those born under the sign of Gemini or Libra.
Postcards From Beyond Zero Steve Dunn
NCI resource
publication locator by topic https://pubs.cancer.gov


Levels of Evidence (continued)
Pros and Cons of Researching Your Cancer Steve Dune   
"The Median Isn't the Message"
Clinical Epidemiology & Evidence-Based Medicine Glossary  vetmed.wsu.edu 
Systematic reviews  en.wikipedia.org 
Lymphoma Systematic Reviews
However: Beware of Meta-analyses Bearing False Gifts
Ethics and Consent
Research Advocacy by PAL
The Dirt on Coming Clean:
The Perverse Effects of Disclosing Conflict of Interest cbdr.cmu.edu/ 
Conflict of Interest in Medical Decision-making PAL


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University of Alberta Clinical Epidemiology Glossary 
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Lymphoma Subtype Queries of PubMed


Lymphomas, Aggressive: Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Lymphomas, indolent:  Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Diffuse Large Cell: Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Follicular: Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Hodgkin's:  Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
MALT: Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Mantle Cell: Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
T-cell: Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
NK-Cell subtype: Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Waldenstrom's: Diagnosis | Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Refractory disease: Treatments | Novel Treatments
Transformation, about:  CLL | Follicular | MALT

Treatment Types TOPIC SEARCH of PubMed

Antiangiogenesis: Therapies
Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplants:  Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Autologous Stem Cell Transplants: Review | Therapies | Prognosis
Targeting the microenvironment: Therapies
Radiotherapy articles, excluding chemo and radioimmunotherapy: Review | Therapies | Prognosis
As above with Rituxan: Review | Therapies
Radioimmunotherapy: Review | Zevalin | Bexxar
Rituxan: Treatment | Review | Frontline & Maintenance | Enhancing Bone Marrow Transplants
Vaccines: Treatment | Review | Idiotype | DNA type | Heat Shock type

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