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Patients Against Lymphoma


Support Patient-to-Patient

Last update: 05/21/2013

Patient or Caregiver Survey

Images and poems created by patients and caregivers that portray the experience of living with lymphoma.

Being a caregiver
Patients and caregivers discuss patient denial and the challenges of being a caregiver.

Patient-recommended books on living with lymphoma and its treatment 

Doctor to Patient Relationship
Guidance on how to communicate with your doctor, and how to create a support team to optimize your care. - by Page Irby 

Reasons to be optimistic about future treatment options, and how to adjust to learning you have lymphoma. 

Guidelines at Diagnosis  
Checklist of things to consider when you are first diagnosed.

Issues & Patient Perspectives
Commentary and patient perspectives.

Patient Case Histories  
Signatures & treatment summaries; including links to other sites.

Patient Stories
Inspirational and detailed personal stories & guidance.

Printable Guides & Tools
Brochures, printable guides, and spreadsheet tools to help you obtain optimal care. (Diary, Rituxan Checklist, Immunization Guide, Blood Test Reference Chart, Treatment History Calculator, and more.)

Support groups  
Links to variety of online support groups. It also allows you to change some subscription settings, such as no-email, or digest only.

Resources & Research News
Important patient-to-patient resources and links.

Tips for CHOP+R Treatment

Resources & 
Research News

Having a friend in your situation, and a group to which you can ask questions, can greatly ease the burden of fighting NHL. You are NOT alone!

  • NHL Cyber Family website - nhlcyberfamily.org 
  • NHL Cyber Family Memorial Wall - nhlcyberfamily.org 
    "A place in our hearts is reserved for the memory of our Cyber Family members who have gone before us."
  • Cancer survivor stories - Oncolink
  • LRF (Lymphoma Support Network)
    Contact Izumi Nakano, LSN Coordinator, at (310) 204-7040 
    or via e-mail at
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