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PDF stands for Portable Document Format
Many technical documents are published in the PDF format, so it's worth the effort!
Files in this format require a special add-on program called Adobe Acrobat Reader.
This file can be downloaded and installed free of charge. Instructions are listed on the right.


Install the free Adobe Acrobat reader so you can read PDF files 
on this and many other websites.

This procedure is carried out once. 

Steps to Install Adobe Acrobat Reader:

1) Go to this page and select the version for your operating system and computer type.

2) Make note of the folder the file is copied to on your computer.

3) Close programs, then navigate to the folder identified in step 2.
4) Double-click the downloaded file to install it. 
5) Follow prompts.

6) You will have to restart your computer.

7) After that, when you click a link to a PDF file, your browser will display the file.

  (Additional toolbar buttons will show up for working with the file.)

When you click a link to a PDF file, it may take longer for it to load (download into your browser program) because they are typically larger than normal web pages.
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