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Treatment Overview > Obinutuzumab (Gazyva)

Last update: 03/30/2017

Obinutuzumab (Gazyva)

a type 2 CD20 antibody,
approved for Follicular lymphoma (FL) and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Sponsor information on indications and background gazyva.com
GAZYVA® (obinutuzumab) full prescribing document


Key Studies

Obinutuzumab plus Chlorambucil in Patients with CLL and Coexisting Conditions

Obinutuzumab (also known as GA101) is a humanized, glycoengineered type 2 antibody also targeted against CD20.

We conducted a phase 3, randomized trial to determine whether anti-CD20 antibody–based chemoimmunotherapy (with chlorambucil as the chemotherapy backbone) would be beneficial in patients with CLL and coexisting conditions and whether targeting of the CD20 antigen by obinutuzumab could improve outcomes as compared with rituximab.

full text: nejm.org
Obinutuzumab-Based Induction and Maintenance Prolongs Progression-Free
Survival (PFS) in Patients with Previously Untreated Follicular Lymphoma: Primary
Results of the Randomized Phase 3 GALLIUM Study http://bit.ly/2fMEhMn 

GAZYVA® (obinutuzumab) full prescribing document
The GAZYVA dose for FL is 1000 mg

The Rituxan dose is 375 mg/m2
How do these compare - actual dose in average person?
Medscape 2016 Bendamustine Toxicity in FL Raises Eyebrows -- and Questions
bullet Minimal Residual Disease in Patients with Follicular Lymphoma Treated with Obinutuzumab or Rituximab As First-Line Induction Immunochemotherapy and Maintenance in the Phase 3 GALLIUM Study http://bit.ly/2fqgRrP 
bullet Polatuzumab Vedotin Combined with Obinutuzumab for Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma:
Preliminary Safety and Clinical Activity of a Phase Ib/II Study http://bit.ly/2fFG86e 


Other Immunotherapies

An alphabetical list of investigational or approved agents that may enlist the immune system to fight abnormal lymphocytes (a type of blood cell) called lymphoma.  The agent name links to reports in Google Scholar.  The Find Trial link shows studies for the agent in the ClinicalTrials.gov registry.

ALT-803 (interleukin-15-based superagonist, induces memory CD8 t-cells) Find trials  >

Adcetris ® / SGN-35 / brentuximab vedotin  (antibody-drug conjugate: anti-cd30 + antitubulin - more selective delivery of a toxin to cancer cells) Approved for Hodgkins  Find trials

Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant (graft cells versus lymphoma effect)

antibodies (monoclonal) any type | Find Trials

Arzerra ® (Ofatumumab) cd20 antibody approved for CLL Find trials

BI-1206 and an Anti-CD20 Antibody in Patients With CD32b Positive B-cell Lymphoma or Leukaemia http://bit.ly/2lLrPQo

BI 836826 (IgG1 chimerized and Fc-engineered anti-CD37)  Find Trials

Betalutin  (Lu-tetraxetan-tetulomab) radioimmunotherapy antibody targeting cd37)
Find trials

Blinatumomab (BiTe) cd3 cd19 bi-specific antibody) Find trials 

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR T-cell cellular therapy)
of any type (cd19, cd20, cd22 (adoptive t-cell therapy) Find Trials 
Cd19 CAR T-cell therapy (adoptive immunotherapy)  Find trials 

CD30 t-cell CAR for CD30-Expressing Lymphomas http://bit.ly/2n7LPNq

Daratumumab  (anti-cd38 antibody) Find Trials >

Epratuzumab (cd22 antibody a b-cell receptor) Find trials

Epratuzumab tetraxetan anti-CD22 with fractionated Yttrium 90  Find trials

Ipilimumab (MXD-010) (anti-CTL-A, immune checkpoint blockade)  Find trials 

JNJ-64052781 (Humanized CD19 x CD3 Dual-Affinity Re-Targeting Protein)  Find Trials
Lirilumab (NK-cell agonist) Report | Find Trials

Lenalidomide / Revlimid (immune modulation and direct activity)  Find trials  PAL topic

Obinutuzumab / GA-101 (next gen cd20 antibody) Approved for follicular lymphoma Find trials 
PD1/L antibodies (immune checkpoint antibodies)  Find trials 

Atezolizumab  / MPDL3280A (pd-1 pathway) Find Trials

-  Nivolumab (immune checkpoint blockade) in  Lymphoma Trial of Interest

-  Pembrolizumab / CT-011) / BMS-936558  | Lambrolizumab (Merck)
PF-05082566 (anti-4-1BB agonistic antibody targeting the immune checkpoint molecule 4-1BB (CD137) Find Trials  | Report

Pomalidomide  (Lenalidomide derived - Immune modulating) Find trials

Rituxan (cd20 antibody) Approved for b-cell lymphoma | PAL topic
TRU-016 (cd37 antibody) Find trials
Ublituximab (next gen cd20 antibody) Find Trials
Vaccines for lymphoma (stimulating recognition of tumor antigens) | PAL topic | Find open trials
Veltuzumab / Immu-106 / Ha20  (next gen cd20 antibody) | Find trials

Zevalin ® /(Ibritumomab tiuxetan)  (anti-CD20 + Yttrium 90 ) Approved for Follicular lymphoma PAL topic | Find trials


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Obinutuzumab / GA-101 (next gen cd20 antibody)  Find trials 

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