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well I finished my radiation today

Hi, well I finished my radiation today. I went twice today to finish the treatment plan. It was an amazing experience, scary and thought producing but the people were absolutely incredible! 

Sharing my joy at completing my 21 days! Like the people here in this group and the Malt group. (mine falls in the middle of both groups!) The Dr. gave me a plaque today and on it the quote by John Wayne "courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway" I wanted to share that with the rest of you because I think it takes a lot of courage to face these challenges and keep the faith throughout the ups and downs and I think all of you, the caregivers and the patients are very, very courageous. 

I have learned more from this challenge than the last 7 years of being a nurse. The doctor thanked me for trusting him and I'm really glad I did. The right doctor makes an incredible difference! How empowering to have faith in someone and their expertise and caring, to help you make the decisions that are so critical to your recovery and well being. 

This has been an extraordinary day! Goodnight to all! 

God Bless! Laurie 

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