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My Neulasta Reaction - Sometimes the older things work well too.


NEULASTA reaction.

After my initial CHOP+Rituxin, (Monday and Tuesday) I went for the recommended Neulasta shot. (afternoon of Wednesday). That night I began to have reaction. Simply put, starting at my upper torso and wending its way down, I turned into a sort of red, blotchy tiger. Of course, I telephoned the on-duty doctor. Bottom line instructions were -if you have trouble breathing - call an ambulance.
I leapt out of bed, got dressed and packed and, also printed out my "VITAL  FACTS". Who knew whether I would be so breathless that I would have trouble actually CALLING an ambulance?  Also, I did not have the over-the-counter remedy (Benedril- I think) which is good to have on hand.
Anyway, crisis over. Tiger patches gradually disappeared. Okay, but now how would my doctors solve my very fragile low blood count problems. The answer turned out to be the forerunner of Neulasta. It is called Neopogen and has to be injected every single day for ten days. What about weekends? I asked. You are on you own. The doctors telephoned my pharmacy to order the correct item (chilled and dose-size ready and expensive) I charged it to my credit card. (Not free if not given in medical setting). The nurses taught me how to inject myself --- but I was scared. Failed to find someone to help stick me. I took a deep breath and astonished myself. I did it. What is my message? Sometimes the older things work well too, though they might be less practical.
Sincerely, Margaret
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