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Last update: 12/21/2015

Programs that empower and educate patient advocates:


Director's Consumer Liaison Group  NCI
The Committee shall advise and make recommendations to the Director, NCI, from the perspective and viewpoint of cancer consumer advocates on a wide variety of issues, programs and research priorities. The Committee shall serve as a channel for consumer advocates to voice their views and concerns.


FDA Advisory Committee  - Patient Representative program   fda 

Comment on Proposed Regulations and Submit Petitions   www.fda.gov/
any citizen may submit a petition on any matter of concern under the jurisdiction of FDA


IRB - Human Subject Protections  OHRB
Participating in IRBs will let you participate in trial design in order to protect trial subjects and maximize participation as well. 


NCI program: CARRA  cancer.gov
As a CARRA member, you may be selected to participate in a CARRA activity. Your participation is important because you bring the unique perspective of someone affected by cancer and represent others also affected by the disease.


Consumer Representative in Advisory Committees  FDA
The Food and Drug Administration seeks input from consumers on medical and scientific issues. A key method of ensuring that FDA gets consumers' points of view is by including consumer representatives on Agency advisory committees.

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