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- Who gets Cancer?  Why me? by Paul H. Klein 

Here's one example of our support group, NHL-info, at its best. -Karl

Judy wrote:
Paul Klein's update, made my day, week even perhaps.  One of my  " I know why people get ill , know-it -all , new agey" relatives recently told me that cancer was caused by ANGER and is gotten  by "people who want to remain in the victim role".  Needless to say, I got angry!  then I just laughed...one day they will rise from their sad state of delusion ( when they get an illness that can't be cured with echinacae or liver cleanses) and will see.   Being a wise woman, I hold them in my heart with compassion  (when I can rise above the contempt for them and their mentors   aka  Louise Hay, Carolyn Maas and others who have it all figured out on a "psycho-spiritual" level.

I can't wait to respond to them  in kind...I'm using Paul's  material and attributing "the cause" to my wonderfulness and immense courage! 


As to the supposed causes of our disease, you're right on target. 
On this very same subject, I wrote the following some time ago . . .

Who gets Cancer?  Why me?

Many of us cancerites ponder the Why of cancer.  Why did it happen to me?   Regrettably, many of these comments have been by people who seem determined to blame themselves.  Well, I've looked into this matter very, very carefully, spending many months researching this perplexing question of exactly WHO gets cancer.  What are our special characteristics that make us more vulnerable?  Why US?  I conducted surveys, researched all the available literature on the subject, asked my wife, read an article once in "Reader's Digest", logged on to a few bb's, seeking, ever seeking the elusive answer.

It's a question that has baffled Medical Science almost since the dawn of time.   Here, at last, is "The Answer", the definitive result of my tireless, dedicated, and extensive labors . . .

I have found that those of us who are ill with Cancer have these unique qualities:--

Virtuous, almost to a fault
Extremely intelligent
Kind and helpful, even to strangers
Fantastic lovers
Honest, of flawless integrity
Charming, often with dazzling personalities
Exceptionally good-looking
Very well-built or stacked, as the case may be
Witty; delightful dinner companions
Superb athletes
Very, very popular; beloved by all; perhaps even adored
Brilliant conversationalists
Born leaders
Fearless as a lion
Live in better neighborhoods
Exceptionally well-read
Spell-binding public speakers
Drive large, recent model cars
Cute as a button, cuddly and adorable
Highly successful in career and investments
Superior in every way
Dress well, immaculately groomed
Have outstanding children and/or grandchildren

Let's face it, folks; that's us.  You brought it all on yourself by simply being the exemplary person you are and by conforming to The Cancer Profile.  So, if you're one of those who have been asking, "Why ME?"  Stop asking.  Now you know. 

Instead, read and listen to the success stories of those who slew "The Dragon".   Then ask the RIGHT question: "Why NOT me?"

Fact is, as cancer patients, we have enough with which to deal.  Why add guilt to your problems (unless feeling lousy makes you feel good)?  This way lies madness.  There is not a thing in the world you can do about what happened years ago . . . or yesterday . . . or even 10 seconds ago.  So why torment yourself?  If you want to ferret out the causes of your cancer as part of a scientific study that will protect future potential victims, that I can go along with.  But I absolutely refuse to blame myself for anything I've done in the past - because, given the exact same circumstances with the same information available at that time, I would do the same thing over again.   I was brought up believing that meat, dairy products, and such was good for me. So I developed arteriosclerosis and a heart attack (but I enjoyed a helluva lot of great food along the  way!).  I also grew up being told that the sun was great for us.  So, over the years, my dermatologist soared into ever higher tax brackets.  But there's nothing I could have done about these.  Likewise my cancer.  I don't know what caused it - and I don't really care, other than to head someone else off. So, I would humbly suggest to those of us who insist upon adding the guilts to their current illness (temporary), think well about this. Do you really want to feel lousy or do you want to do everything possible - regarding attitude and stress management - to improve your present quality of life and to possibly - just possibly -help in your own cure?

    Best -

    "Expect to win!" - Paul H. Klein

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