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Ken G:  I took this disease a little too lightly

Hi All

I was diagnosed with MALT in January 2000.  I chose alternative medicines instead of conventional.  I was very happy with the results until recently.  I went to my regular Naturopath Doctor and complained of constant  cough, and shortness of breath.  He said damp spleen.  Eat all cooked foods, exercise 3 times a week.  I agreed to ether swim or racquetball.  

I tried it for 2 months and things got worse.  I went to a oncologist that I hadn't seen in a couple years.  I never wanted CT scans because of the radiation.  They did a complete body scan.  There was a tumor that pushed its way into my wind pipe and blocked 90% of the airway.  The Doctor said if I waited another 4 to 8 weeks it would have been fatal.  

Radiation is working great the tumor is melting away and is expected to be completely gone within 2 weeks.  They are also radiating my left eye that has orbital malt for 6 years now.  For me I am now going to work with 
conventional medicine along with proper nutrition and not nutrition alone.  The radiation for the eye was a very low dose. It is called ELECTRON radiation used for skin cancers does not penetrate very deep.  The tumors around the eye that have been slowly growing for the last 6 years will now be gone in a couple of weeks.  After 8 treatment the eye is almost back to normal.  My family couldn't be happier that I gave into conventional treatments.

Ken G

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