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Jeff's Response to Rituxan after Relapse following CHOP-R

I posted a few months back about my husband Jeff relapsing after chop-r. He was in remission shy of 2 years. We were so devastated, (it seemed like , especially me) I kind of crashed, but am doing better now, we sought a 2nd opinion up at Fred Hutch because we live in the Northwest, we decided to try 6 treatments of rituxan (single agent) and see what that would do. 

He had a ct scan Monday and we went in for the results today, and he is in remission again, or no evidence of disease. He will go back in 3 months for blood work and another scan. Then the plan is start maintenance rituxan. We are very thankful, and I just wanted to share this with others, to be encouraged. He told us that the coarse for follicular NHL is rapidly changing for the better, and many, many new drugs in the pipeline.

Also just another huge thank-you Karl for all the work you do, to keep us updated and answering questions and concerns. Tell Joanne thank-you too because I know you put in a huge amount of time.

All the best

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