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JF's Story on Total Lymphatic Radiotherapy for stage III follicular NHL

I have just been for my yearly checkup and PET scan. I had total lymphatic radiation in May 2000. I remain in complete remission. With the fact that this disease develops so slowly, I guess that is not remarkable. I was on a clinical trial in Australia, which has been going for at least 6 - 7 years. What I think is pretty remarkable is the fact that only one person in this clinical trial has had nhl return so far and that was in one lymph node. I think there are about 20 - 30 people so far on the trial. 

My oncologist told me that Total Lymphatic radiation for stage 3 follicular lymphoma has become standard treatment in Australia now when there is no bulky disease.

I am so grateful that I heard of this treatment through nhl-follic. 


June 1999 diag. small cl. cell foll. lymphoma bcl-2 positive (non-bulky disease, stage 3.
MAY 2000 total lymphatic radiation. bcl-2 negative remain in complete remission.

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