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I got to the point that I hated the wig

When I found out I was going through chemo a good friend told me about the American Cancer Society and how they would give me a free wig. I immediately called them and luckily there was one near my home.  They had a large variety of wigs and I found one perfect for me. 

They also gave me some hats to wear.  Since it was right before the holidays it helped me financially and it was easier than checking out different wig stores. I just wasn't in the mood. The ACS also gave me a catalog which contained wigs and hats and I later bought a second wig, the same kind, for only $40 through this catalog.

Frankly, however, I got to the point that I hated the wig (I am now ready to have a bonfire with it), but I was too vane to go sans hair. The wig wasn't uncomfortable but to me it symbolized the fact that I had cancer and it made me mad! 

Yeah, I dealt with it, but that's honestly how I felt. So, I took any opportunity to take it off. The minute I got home from work or any other place, I'd whip it off my head, stick it on the inverted vase I used as a wig holder (not fancy, but it worked) and I'd quickly put on my warm cap.  

I went through treatments through the winter and my bald head would get really cold (even living in
California, my head got cold. Ok, so I'm a bit of a wimp.) When I was home I constantly wore a woolen
cap, even (and especially) to bed. Since it's now summer you might be more comfortable with one of those cute scarfs.

One thing that helped me get through the down times, was going onto cancer sites, especially Lance
Armstrong's, and read articles from cancer survivors, or talking to friends who are also cancer survivors. 
I thought-"if they could do it, I could do it too!!!"  I know it's only been a few months since my last
treatment, but I attend to be a lifetime survivor !!!


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