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Steve's Cautionary Story: Harvesting of stem cells when your marrow is clean


I just had a appointment with my doc as a pre-visit for stem cell harvesting. This must be done as a requirement to enter a Zevalin 2  dose study.
The problem I would like to point out for people to think about is this. I have fnhl, I have been told it is indolent (slow growing). I can't give exact dates because I'm here at the Gift of LIfe Transplant House.
Well I had CVP(10/03) and was told right before the treatment that I had minimal bone marrow involvement.  I did not get any response to the CVP but the bone marrow came back clear.  All this was involved with the genitope trial and because of no response I was rolled over into the rituxan.  Did not get response to rituxan and was rolled over again.  Received my vaccine.  Did not  get response to vaccine.  In fact, I progressed. 
This is what I want people to think about.  June 7th I had a bone marrow biopsy which showed 5% involvement.  Decided to go with  Zevalin trial.  Had to get another bone marrow Aug. 22nd. Results showed 20 to 25% involvement.  This is below the cut off for the 
Zevalin trial so I can continue with the trial.  The problem is, if I need "rescuing" with my stem cells, I will be right back where I started from. 
In the future if I require a transplant I cannot use stem cells being harvested now.  I will have to try and receive a remission so that possible harvesting can be redone.  I just want people to consider discussing with their dr.s an early harvesting if your marrow is clean.  I did not have this chance and I would like others to have it.


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