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Diana: My experience with Chlorambucil for treating MALT


My Dr's used CAT scans and blood tests in my diagnosis. I have had scans  periodically over the last seven years. We aren't scanning as often now. At  this point, symptoms are the most important to decide to treat. Otherwise, it  is "watch and wait". When we did treat, the chlorambucil knocked the  lymphoma way back but can't get it all. It works on all the areas, lungs, abdomen  and pelvic areas. 

I was staged as stage IV by checking the bone marrow. 

The symptoms I experienced originally when it was in my spleen was a side ache at the beginning. My general physician told me it was a fatty tumor and  not to worry. I went back 3 times and gave up. About 9 months later after a  great trip to Hawaii, I got worse within 3 months. My spleen was very large.  I couldn't walk very far. 

When the lymphoma showed in my lungs, it was short of breath and a slight rattle in my chest when I was lying down. I was treated for pneumonia and then sent to a lung specialist who did a biopsy. That was when my doctors decided to treat with chlorambucil.

After treatment I felt great. I am still feeling fine. I don't know when it will all end. I just enjoy the time I have and take good care of myself.

I wish you all the best with this. I have noticed that there are a lot of variations by the way the doctors treat. I think that educating yourself and getting more than one opinion are the best things you can do. I have learned 
to keep copies of all of my records and I compare them to each other. I actually found the signs in my lungs on a scan but my oncologist said it was probably just allergies or he would do a biopsy. I no longer have that Dr. I 
no longer have my original general physician. I am involved in making all of my decisions.

I think that being on the Malt list here is a great way to get information and see what other people are doing. It has helped me a lot. 


Malt Lymphoma, diagnosed 7-99. Splenectomy, 7-99. "Watch and wait". Fall 02, 
diagnosed in lungs, abdomen and pelvic areas. Chlorambucil 2-03. 8-03, ended 
treatment, back to "watch and wait", CAT scan 2-05, more "watch and wait". 
3-06, six month check, more "watch and wait". 

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