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Story: Barbara on W&W for MALT

I think of myself as having been W&W for over 20 years... that is how long I had an enlarged spleen and low platelet count before my lung involvement came to light by accident... I had complications from my hysterectomy ... and when looking for the cause of my intestine problems... saw the strange "pneumonia ... which turned out of be bilateral MALT.

I had actually not followed up with it because I was feeling fine. It was a couple of years later that did I start having discomfort and begin treatment.

I had Rituxan which resulted in a partial response. But even the "easy" treatments are not without risk. I had several cuts that got infected and needed antibiotics as a result of my depressed immune system. On the other hand, my spleen was normal size for the first time and I am no longer covered with bruises!

One of the good things about indolent MALT is that even when you are finding treatment... you can take your time and make an informed decision.

I know it is frustrating not to have answers... hang in there. There is time....

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