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Tarzan:  another vine waiting for me 

I am a cancer patient…I look to my oncologist for guidance. When diagnosed with indolent, Follicular Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, he told me to try and imagine myself as “Tarzan” swinging thru the jungle, reaching out for another vine to grab hold of. He assured me that vine would be there when I need it. As I grab one vine, another will be growing to be there for me as I move through the jungle.

Explaining that research, and improvements in treatments are growing at a rate that is nearly faster than the growth of my cancer, they now believe that there will always be another vine waiting for me as I move from one stage to another.

The message for all FNHL cancer patients, is to become Tarzan, go ahead and climb that tree, stay alert, live life, and when you need to reach out for that vine it WILL be there… As will the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Go ahead and swing thru life and do it with confidence. There will always be another vine…….

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