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 Advocacy > Clinical Trial Design and Participation

Informed Patient Perspectives

Last update: 05/29/2008

Overview | Details

Timely participation in clinical trials is vital delays are costly to sponsors and to patients.

If patients fail to sign on in adequate numbers ... the assessment of the therapy will not be made
no matter how well the study is designed from the point of view of regulators and scientists.

Indeed, the urgency of our situation requires that the evaluation system
becomes as efficient as it can be.


Resulting in efficiency and faster accrual

We prepare continuously by reviewing reputable materials on drug development 
and assessment, and by seeking guidance from our scientific advisors
Importantly, to minimize bias, our policy is to accept no funding from 
commercial entities that market drugs or health supplements.

We are committed to: 

  • Sharing patient's perspectives on clinical trial design with the FDA, drug sponsors, 
    the NCI, independent scientists, and community physicians.
  • Making informed and practical suggestions when consulting on clinical trial design.  
    Note that we will not accept gifts or fees for this service, and that we will honor 
    confidentially agreements.
  • Vigorously representing patient interests in matters of concern.
  • Identifying opportunities and obstacles to the progress of clinical research.

We believe that the following goals must not be considered mutually exclusive:

  • Applying the best possible evidence-based standards to ensure that patients 
    have reliable information about the risks and benefits of marketed treatments, 
    and increasing incentives for companies to develop new therapies to meet our needs.

  • Providing cancer patients with every reasonable chance to improve their quality of life 
    and survival.


Patient Perspectives: the details 

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