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Getting Started
Just Diagnosed? 
Support groups
About Lymphoma
Types of Lymphoma


Acidy and cancer?

ACP-196 - Find trials

Find trials

Advisors to PAL - scientific

Advocacy perspectives

Advocacy resources

AEB071 (Sotrastaurin)  
Find trials

Alternative Medicine?
Agent Orange info by VA

AGENTS targeting disease pathways

Agents, find trials by type

Alisertib - Find trials

Allogeneic Transplant


Antibiotics for Lymphoma


Antibody-drug conjugates

Antibody-radiation conjugates

Animal models

Anxiety - Living Well with Lymphoma

Apoptosis - targeting

Art of Asking Questions

Arzerra - Find trials

Ask PAL a Question

Autologous Transplant

Autoimmune disease and lymphoma

Autophagy and lymphoma

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Background and Decision Aids

Belinostat - Find trials

Beta2-microglobulin - blood marker


Big Picture Questions


Biopsy / Second evaluation

Biospecimen Network

Bleeding / thrombocytopenia

Blood cells, types

Blood clots

Blood counts - low

Blood draw tips | PDF

Blood tests

Blood test reference range  PDF

Bone density and  lymphoma

Bone marrow biopsy

Bone marrow involvement

Bone pain from growth factors

Bring to doctor list

Btk-inhibitor (ibrutinib)

Buparlisib - Find Trials

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Cancer - what is it?

CARs - Engineered T-cells Find trials

Cardiac toxicity

Careers and cancer

Caregiver help

Centers for treatment

Chemo agents by category

Chemo Brain (side effect)

Childhood lymphoma

Children - talking to about cancer



Clinical Trials:

- about our trial tools

- of Interest (PAL's Picks)

- find by class of agent

- find by agent - alphabetical

- find by type of lymphoma and treatment status

- focus on participation

- how to ask about

- reasons to consider trials

- reimbursement for participation?

- Trial Talk - experts to consult about trials

Clotting / thrombosis

CNS involvement, prophylaxis for

Complete Blood Count

Considerations at relapse

Conflict of interest in medical decisions?

Constipation, support

Conspiracy Theory?

Cost of medicine

Counterfeit drugs

Communicating our priorities to doctors

Cost of Care

CT Imaging / Risks


Cutaneous lymphoma

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Depression is common

Diagnostic terms


Dictionary of cancer terms NCI

Diet / Exercise

Diet as Treatment?

Diffuse Large B-Cell

DLBCL: ABC or GCB type

Disparities in Health Care

Doctor, patient-recommended

Doctor, reason for second opinion

 Doctor visits: Optimize / Bring list

Doctors, art of asking questions of

Donate to help

Dose - the importance of getting it right

Double-hit lymphoma

Drug costs are rising

Drug use, balancing risks and benefits - 5 questions to ask

Drug payment support

 Drugs - what is a drug?

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Elderly, treating


Engineered T-cells

Epigenetics background

Epigenetics as basis of diet for treatment of cancer?

  Epigenetic therapy - HDAC inhibitors

Ethics in research

Exercise / Diet

Expanded Access to Investigational Drugs

Experts, videos

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Family history of lymphoma?

Famous people with lymphoma


Fertility and sex

Find and Evaluate Online Medical info

FISH test

Flu shots?

Follicular b-cell

Food additives

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Need to Treat

 Genes and Cancer

Glossary / NCI dictionary

Goal (intent) of therapy

Grade & Stage 


Guidance to doctors

 Guidelines at Diagnosis

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Harmonizing Research and Treatment Goals

Hazard Ratio

Health Care Reform

Health Care Proxy

Hepatitis C and lymphoma



Hypogammaglobulinemia (low levels of Ig antibody)

- IVIG - Mike's story


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-low levels of


 Immune boosting as treatment?

Immune Checkpoints

Immune modulating agents

Immune suppression

Informed consent


Insurance correspondence log PDF

 prognostic indexes

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Justice, research principle

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KLH - immune stimulant in vaccine

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LDH, blood cell marker

Lirilumab - Find Trials


Leukemic phase

Lymphatic system


Lymphoma topics

Lymphoma Awareness brochure

Lymphoma Grade

Lymphoma Simplified

Lymphoma Stage 


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Marginal Zone lymphoma | MALT | Nodal | Extranodal  Eye

MALT Support Group

Maintenance Rituxan pros and cons

Mantle Cell lymphoma (MCL)


Medical errors, tips to avoid

- PDF brochure

Medication & consult organizer PDF

Melanoma, risk of

Metastasis of Lymphoma?


Mind over Body? 
Does stress cause cancer?

Minimal Residual Disease (MRD)

Mission of PAL

Monitoring lymphoma

Mouse is not a Man (or Woman)

Mouth sores | Mucositis


Myths About Cancer

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 Naltrexone (low dose)?


Natural supplements - caveats


Nausea tips

NCCN practice guidelines

Need to Treat


Night sweats



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Odds ratio

 Off-label use of cancer drugs

 Optimize visits to doctor PDF

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 Palliative Care

Patent law and natural compounds

Paraneoplastic Syndrome

Patient Stories

Patient-reported outcomes (PRO)

Patient Rights

Patient Tools & Decision Aids

Pathology report 

PD-1/L immune checkpoint blockade Find trials

Perspectives, advocacy

PI 3K kinases

PET imaging
- SUV range
- when to use

Placebo effect

Platelets, low -thrombocytopenia

Ports, for IV administration

Prognostic Factors

Programmed T-cells (CAR19)

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Quality of Life

Questions for your doctor / PDF

Questions that can only be answered by clinical trials PDF


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immunotherapy (RIT)


Red flags - identifying implausible medical claims


Relative Risk

Relapse - considerations

* Report Misleading Medical Promotions

Reputable, is it?  PDF

Revlimid (lenalidomide)

Research Advocacy - resources

Remission / response terms

Research Tools

Recipe for Progress

Risk factors

Risks and Benefits, balancing


Rituxan Maintenance

- Pros and Cons of 


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 Safety, avoiding medical errors PDF

Settings, our unique clinical circumstance

 Sex & Fertility


Side effects

Side effect, report to FDA

Skin, side effects

Skin / cutaneous lymphoma


Spontaneous regression



Stem cell Transplant

Stories by patients 

Stories - Limitations

Stress causing lymphoma?

Stress, caregiver - tips

Subcutaneous Injections

Sugar restriction?

Support Groups  


Symptoms, reporting PDF

Symptoms Checklists 

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T-cell lymphomas

Targeted drug - terminology

Tips for dealing with R-chemo

Tests (labs, imaging)

Test results,  rules and tips

Testicular lymphoma

 Testimonials?  PDF

Tools & Tips


Transplant (stem cell)

Travel help


Treatment decisions

Treatment decisions - Big Picture Questions

Treatment, factors that determine type & timing

Treatment goals

Treatment, preparing for PDF

Treatment, options at relapse

Treatment settings

Treatment support

Treatment types, background

Treatment, when to

Tumor Basics

Tumor lysis syndrome

Types of lymphoma

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Vaccine, investigational

Vaccine for shingles?


Vitamin C?

Vitamin D

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 Watch & Wait?

What's Lymphoma?

What's a Drug?

When laypersons give medical advice

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X-rays (imaging)


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Information that empowers

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Patients Against Lymphoma

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The information on Lymphomation.org is not a substitute for professional medical advice or intended to replace your relationship with a physician. For all medical concerns,  you should always consult your doctor. Patients Against Lymphoma, Copyright 2004,  All Rights Reserved. 

We ask that you be cautious about accepting online medical information - particularly testimonials. If doing your own research, scrutinize the study methods (size, type and number of studies). Ask if it's been replicated? Does it apply to your diagnosis and circumstance? ... check with your doctor, who has training and first-hand information.


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Getting Started

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Support Groups
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Patients Against Lymphoma Lymphomation Yahoo Support Group

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Treatment Support tips by patients 

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 About Lymphoma

  Awareness - basic facts  about lymphoma --  public education

Brochures and tools

Grade | Stage 


Lymphatic system



What determines the type

  Where it presents

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 Types of Lymphoma

most common type for young persons

Follicular b-cell
most common indolent type 

Diffuse Large B-Cell most common aggressive type

T-cell lymphomas

Other Types of Lymphoma

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  Advocacy Perspectives

  Dr. Sharman's CLL & Lymphoma Blog

Weill Cornell Blog

Brian Koffman CLL blog

Participation in clinical trials!

Disclaimer:  The information on Lymphomation.org is not intended to be a substitute for 
professional medical advice or to replace your relationship with a physician.
For all medical concerns,  you should always consult your doctor. 
Patients Against Lymphoma, Copyright 2004,  All Rights Reserved.